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Do you often find yourself having trouble choosing the right gifts for friends or loved ones? How about giving them their very own song!

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, graduation, or for just an old fashioned "I love you", giving someone a custom song to mark a milestone is a one-of-a-kind gift that will charm and entertain anyone who receives it. We also have a children's  songs division (Same guys who do all the songs) who will create the perfect fun song for your little ones! Give your kids a special song all about them!

Here at we work with you to learn about the person or occasion that you are celebrating and use that information to create the perfect unique tailor-made studio-produced song. So take the boring present you just bought and flush it down the toilet. Let's work together and create a gift that will last forever. Contact us by email at or, or by phone at 416 318 4014.



Roddy Colmer

Roddy Colmer has lived his whole life being known as the son of the man who coined the phrase "See you tomorrow". Always yearning to escape the large shadow cast by a famous father, he has sauntered down a plethora of creative paths. As a songwriter and lead singer of 2 bands, Rebel Emergency and Most Non Heinous, along with a solo project under his own name, he has released 8 albums and toured across Canada, USA, and Jamaica. He served as Co-Host and parody song writer on The Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM for 2 years. Roddy was also a feature writer for The Toronto Sun, appeared on the Muchmusic show "Video on Trial", wrote the soundtrack & score for a Documentary on Netflix called "Delivery" and works with Pizza Pizza writing and singing jingles. He enjoys finding interesting uses for old shoelaces and believes in love at first sight, but not at second sight.


Here is a custom song made by for a 50th anniversary


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